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Help us rebuild Tonga

At Dot two Dot people come first.  With the latest tragedy in Tonga, we cannot stand by and do nothing.  


Pauline Stockhausen (Pomale) is married to Tongan Likaki Pomale and has many family members who have been severely affected by this tragedy. Their extended family lives in the location of the devastation.  Houses have been flattened. Communication is sparse and as a lot of families in Tonga live day today. Many families rely on sourcing food each day by fishing, harvesting from gardens or from the bush. We don't know how the ash has affected the sourcing of food. 


We are a team of planners and action takers and when one of our own needs help then we rally around to do them. 


As Pauline has been building a house in Tonga this year she has been sending house supplies over every month. Her next container was due to leave next week and she has decided to scrap her house plans and fill that container with urgent building supplies. 


We don't know when the ports will be open but we want to be ready to send it as soon as it opens. The sooner we can get help to them the sooner they can rebuild their houses to be safe for their children


This is where we need your help.  


We are compiling a list of building supplies we think they will need.  From gib board to electrical wiring.  If you are a business that can help please click the link below and let us know.  

Image by Josh Olalde

Materials we need to send

  • roofing Iron 

  • cladding 

  • wiring 

  • gib board 

  • 4x2 wood

  • 6x2 wood 

  • concrete

  • nail gun & nails 

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