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We care. About your purpose, your people and place.

Ian Leader
Director - Social Innovation

As Director of Social Innovation, Ian Leader’s priority is creating solutions that deliver social and commercial success. Having worked in, with and between business, community and local government for the past 30 years, he has extensive experience in social innovation, social responsibility and inclusive economic development.  


Ian spent his early years chasing a rock and roll dream and will enthusiastically reminisce about his goth-punk days with long hair and make-up if you’re keen!  These days Ian spends most of his free time gardening and with his growing family.

Tom Newton-Smith
Director - Brand and Creative

Tom is responsible for passionate creative design that propels your business forward in emotional branding. With over twenty years of branding & graphic design experience, he has helped a wide range of clients in numerous industries.


His purpose is to find the heart response to a brand and with his intuitive heart, Tom has the talent to come up with many crazy concepts for our clients. We love Tom for these and so do our clients.


​Tom is a self-proclaimed coffee snob, loves creating, listening to loud music, and being active. You can often find him in a café getting his caffeine fix and talking with people, playing squash at his local club, or cooking elaborate meals for his friends and family.

Pauline Stockhausen
Director - Social media & Communications

Pauline Stockhausen is a genuine influencer, having been a frequent keynote speaker at the world’s biggest social media conference, Social Media Marketing World in San Diego. Pauline has been active on social media since platforms first emerged in 2004.

Her expertise runs from digital marketing and social media advertising through to content creation,  ecommerce, influence campaigns and nurturing online communities. This includes Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Tiktok and how these platforms direct traffic back to your website.

Paulines work will enhance our offerings in communications  strategy, marketing, media relations, story-telling and content creation. She also teaches and coaches businesses, marketing teams, ceos on social media tactics, strategy advertising and campaigns. 

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